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Team News.

Team News

1 year ago @ 7:56PM

Reminder: Spring Sports Night Tomorrow, May 24th!

Hey everyone, 

Just wanted to let you guys know that tomorrow, the 24th, at 6:30 PM is spring sports night. There will be a slideshow that includes us!! It's always a nice way to close out the season, and I encourage everyone to go to support the bears and the athletics programs at MA as a whole... Go bears!

Team News

1 year ago @ 4:23PM

News/Individuals Tournament Schedule For MON/TUES

Hey everyone,

Final Week! Which means the individuals tournament starts tomorrow, and goes until the team party and final matches. The final matches and party will be AFTER SCHOOL on Thursday, the 27th, capping off the end of the official season. I encourage everyone to contiue playing though after school, even after the season ends. Here is the match schedule for the first two days of the tournament:

MON (the 24th):


Alexander vs. Will T

Liam vs. Anshul 

Daniel vs. Austin


Ben + Nate vs. Ryan + Dylan 

Will C + Sam vs. Bora + Max

TUESDAY (the 25th):


Alfredo vs. TBD

Nat vs. TBD

Ethan vs. TBD

Miles vs. Noah 


Will C + Sam vs. Steven + Andrew

Griffin + Brett vs. Ben C + Nate 

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1 year ago @ 4:35PM

News for the Week (starting Monday, April 17th)

Monday: Practice at 5:00

Tuesday: Practice at 5:15

Wednesday: Match @ Kehilah (in Palo Alto)... THESE are the following players playing, excused from school at 2:30... Will C, Sam L, Brett L, Griffin K, Daniel M, Miles L, Noah S, Andrew G, Alexander Y, Liam F, Will T

Thursday + Friday: Individual Tournament Starts (Dates and times TBD and will be talked about at practice Monday and Tuesday!)

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1 year ago @ 12:49PM

No Scheduled Practices for Spring Break

No official practices scheduled this week, though I do recommend to go out and play when it's not raining! The brackets for the individual tournament will come out when we come back on Monday, the 17th... Have a great break!

- Coach 

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1 year ago @ 9:11AM

Lineup for WED Match vs. SHP

Players playing (hint... this match it's all freshmen... next match is all yours upperclassmen):

Alfredo, Nat, Ben, Nate, Ethan, Austin, Ryan, Dylan, Bora, Max

Go Bears!

- Zach

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1 year ago @ 10:05AM

Schedule for Week of April 3nd to April 7th

Monday: Practice at 5:15

Tuesday; Practice at 5:15

Wednesday: Match vs. SHP (at home) at 3:15

Thursday: Intersquad AFTER SCHOOL (last one)

Friday: Practice at 5:15

As always, let me know if there are questions... some cool announcements coming today as well!

- Zach

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1 year ago @ 10:32PM

Match Lineup vs. Menlo for Thursday

Excused at 2:45 to leave MA at 3 on Thursday:

Alfredo, Nat, Noah, Andrew, Will, Sam, Griffin, Brett, Ryan, Dylan, Alexander, Anshul, Ben, Austin 

See you guys then!

- Zach

Team News

1 year ago @ 8:14PM

Information For Week of 3/27:

Lots going on guys:

Monday - 5:15 practice

Tuesday - Match vs. Kehilah HS at home, they only have 5 players that they're bringing (I know, it's nuts), so we are only going to be able to have 10 play. The following players are to come to the courts at MA straight after school to be in the match: Nat, Ethan, Liam, Will T, Ben C, Nate, Miles, Daniel, Bora, Max. If you are not one of these 10 players, there IS 5:15 practice ON TUESDAY after the match!

Wednesday - 5:15 Practice

Thursday - Match AT Menlo - Lineup TBD, but will be set by Tuesday... If you aren't playing in the match on Tuesday, you WILL be playing in this one at menlo

Friday - 5:15 Practice

Let me know if there are any questions regarding things, otherwise see you all tomorrow!

- Zach

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1 year ago @ 11:00PM

Updates for the Week:

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to pass along a couple updates from the schedule... 
1. I'll be at the courts Wednesday at 3:30 for any players who haven't picked up their uniforms yet and are looking too... I'll have them for you to take home before our practice at 5
2. Due to the possibility of rain tomorrow (even though it isn't too high), the INTERSQUAD match will be pushed back to Thursday at 5:00 sharp! Plenty of snacks will be there!
Thanks guys! Email, text, or call with questions 
- Coach Zach

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1 year ago @ 11:47AM

Practice Schedule For the Week:

Hey guys,

Barring rain this week, all of our practices will start around 5:00. I know you guys like the 3:30 time, but I wanna make sure we have as many courts as possible for this week... We'll see how it goes. Monday and Friday practices will start closer to 5:15, while for T-W-Th come around 4:45-5 and there'll be courts available then. Thanks guys!

- Zach

PS: I'll try to post if practice is cancelled due to rain, but I will NOT be MAD at anyone if it does rain a decent amount and you feel as if you wanna take a day off

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1 year ago @ 8:13PM

Schedule for Remainder of Week (3/14-3/17)

Tuesday: Practice at 3:30

Wednesday: Home match vs. Monte Vista at 3:30 (lineup coming VERY soon)

Thursday: Practice at 3:30

Friday: Practice at 5:15

- Coach Zach

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1 year ago @ 11:59AM


Parents... We could use 1 or 2 more drivers for this match... If anyone would be willing to volunteer that would be awesome! Thank you in advance! The following players are excused at 2:30 from school, leaving at 2:45 with me and the parent drivers for the match...

Christopher Fong, Steven Klein, Alfredo, Nat, Will/Sam, Brett/Griffin, Nate/Ben, Alexander/Liam, Noah/Will T, Daniel/Miles, Dylan/Ryan, Bora/Austin

Thanks guys, see ya then!

- Coach Zach


Team News

1 year ago @ 11:04PM

Schedule for Week of March 7th to March 10th

Tuesday: Optional practice after minimum day, 12:30

Wednesday: Practice at 5:00

Thursday: Intersquad at 3:30 (be prepared to eat!)

Friday: Practice at 5:00

- Coach Zach

Team News

1 year ago @ 8:44PM

Lineup for WED Match (@ Menlo)

Hey guys, 

Unfortunately Menlo is only going to have 13 available players today, so anyone who I said was probably going to play this week and isn't in this lineup will certainly play in our following match. The following players will be EXCUSED FROM CLASS AT 2:40 pm on Wednesday, with the volunteer parent drivers and I leaving for Menlo at about 3:00:

Greg, Alfredo, Noah, Will C, Andrew, Sam, Ben, Nate, Dylan, Ryan, Alexander Y, Bora, Max S

Thanks guys, let me know if you have any questions! See you at AFTER SCHOOL practice tomorrow.

- Coach Zach

Team News

1 year ago @ 1:56PM

Schedule For Week of February 27th thru March 3rd:

Monday (2/27): Practice begins at 5:00 - YES, this is a different time then normal... Ends at 6:15 today! (You may leave early if you have to though, of course).

Tuesday (2/28): Practice begins at 3:30 - Varsity team has a ROAD match, so we start after school.

Wednesday (3/1): Match at Menlo, we will arrive by 3:15, meaning I'll get those who are playing in the match out at 2:45. THANKS again to volunteers for this match. I will know the lineup for WED match by TONIGHT, and I WILL post. 

Thursday (3/2): Practice begins at 5:00

Friday (3/3): Practice begins at 5:00

Thanks guys, and again, match roster will be posted by TONIGHT. Let me know if there are any more questions, and also let me know if you can't make it to the match for any reason by tomorrow, thanks!

- Coach Zach

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1 year ago @ 11:31AM


Hey guys,

On Thursday, 2/23, practice will be AFTER SCHOOL at 3:30, and go until 5, instead of starting at 4:45. Thanks! It'll be a great practice.

- Zach

PS: Parent meeting Thursday, 2/23, at 6:30 PM in room G-6

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1 year ago @ 12:07PM

Last Thing: Uniforms

For this first match tomorrow, we will not have the team uniforms yet, as the team order forms havent been submitted yet. Please wear a white, maroon, or any MA shirt and any pair of matching shorts/pants. No jeans, and no super random shirt or short colors please. All shoes and hats and sweatshirts are cool! thanks

- Zach

Team News

1 year ago @ 11:07AM


First match tomorrow guys! The season's upon us, and the following players need to be ready immediately after school to come out to the courts and get a solid warm up in before the matches officially begin at 4:00. Here are the players:

Greg, Alfredo, Nat, Liam, Brett, Griffin, Ethan, Nate, Miles, Daniel, Austin, and Will Tinsley. If you guys have any questions regarding match necessities/random info let me know, but gotta be ready RIGHT AFTER SCHOOL! Thanks guys!

- Coach Zach

Team News

1 year ago @ 11:09AM

ALL UPDATES FOR Week of 2/20-2/24

Hey Open Team players and parents, here's all the up to date news regarding this week of practice and matches and other stuff, so here ya go:

1. NO PRACTICE MONDAY, 2/20, due to RAIN

2. OPTIONAL practice TUESDAY, 2/21, if there is no RAIN. Please try to come if you are in town, we haven't hit in forever!

3. Match is still a go for WEDNESDAY, 2/22. I will announce the LINEUP for the match TOMORROW, on TUESDAY.

4. PARENT MEETING is ON for THURSDAY, 2/23, at 6:30 in a TBD classroom at MA

Let me know if there are any more Q's, Go BEARS!

- Coach Zach

PS: New weekly ladder posted in the tennis shed

Team News

1 year ago @ 12:53PM

Optional 3:30 Portion of Practice

Hey guys,

Our practice is still on for 4:45, but I'll be supervising varsity players hitting at 3:30 and there should be some open court space so if you guys wanna hit for fun after school before practice, feel free to swing by. If it rains hard later, practice may be canceled, so may not be a bad idea.

- Zach

Team News

1 year ago @ 11:52AM

Please Bring Parent Emails Today!!! Thank You!

PS: Remind your parents, the meeting is temporarily scheduled for the 20th of February, Monday night.

- Zach

Team News

1 year ago @ 12:31PM

Practice Begins at 4:45 Starting Monday

Hi guys,

Hope your weekend's been chill. Reminder: we have practice starting at 4:45 starting on Monday, Feb 6th. I'll discuss practice schedule more in person. Also, tomorrow's practice will be very low key... It'll be free play, mainly because I need to talk to each of you guys individually during practice. I wanna talk possible partnerships, your goals for the season, and any other questions you may have. Please try to be there, I want to be able to talk to everyone. 

- Zach

Team News

2 years ago @ 8:02PM

Team Party:

It's Thursday, right after school, at the courts, be there! Go Bears! Great season guys!

- Coach Zach :)

Team News

2 years ago @ 10:45PM

Final Annoucements:

Hello everyone,

A couple of final things as this season winds down:

1. There was practice on Friday, but not many showed up, which is ok, but just means I'm going to push back the individual tournaments' schedules one day. This means that singles players that were aformentioned in previous news please show up on Monday, and the doubles players (Austin, Gabe, Brian, Michael, Jordan, Matthew, Brett, Griffin, Andrew Yates, Andrew Geiser, Steve, Roan, Sam, Daniel) please show up on Tuesday.

2. This tournament is optional, so if you would not like to play that is ok. However, starting Monday, if players don't show up to play their scheduled matches, I will have to have them forfeit, as this is the last week of the season and we're running out of available days.

3. A couple of parents have very kindly offered to assist me in throwing the team an end-of-season party for the team, which we are going to have on FRI, 4/29, right after school at 3:15. Hopefully everyone can make it to celebrate a wonderful season! Go Bears

- Coach Zach

Team News

2 years ago @ 7:39PM

Players playing in Individual tournament tomorrow (4/21)

First round of the individual singles tournament starts tomorrow, following players please come at 5:15 for your matches:

Peter Vitale

Will Tinsley

Alexander Yen

Liam Fulton-Moskowitz

Chris Fong

Alexander Kim

Will Colbert

Austin Stern

Other players be ready to report on Friday or Monday!

Team News

2 years ago @ 7:54PM

Players playing in match vs. Monta Vista (4/20)

These are the 17 players who are for sure playing against Monte Vista (more could also be playing depending on news I may get from the opposing coach):

Mason L, Rohan C, Ezra M, Steven K, Brian H, Michael L, Austin M, Gabe S, Alex T, Alex O, Greg P, Kyle K, Sam L, Roan W, Noah S, Parker W, Will T

Come to the courts right after school, match begins at 4:00

Team News

2 years ago @ 8:55AM

Announcemens for the week (4/18)

Final Full week of the season guys, here's what's going on:

Monday: Normal 5:15 Practice (last official practice of season)

Tuesday: No practice, last varsity home match

Wednesday: Match vs. Monta Vista (players playing TBA)

Thursday and Friday: Individual tournament begins, optional practices for those who don't have matches scheduled for that day

Individual tournament bracket and scheduled will be posted at the MA tennis shed, so look to see what time you're supposed to be playing, let me know if there are any questions

- Zach

Team News

2 years ago @ 9:44AM

Announcements for week of (4/11)

Monday: Normal Practice (5:15)

Tuesday: Optional Practice (starts whenever Varsity match is complete, TBD)

Wednesday: Match vs. Menlo at MA at 4:00 (players playing in the match come to courts immediately after school)

Thursday: No practice, Varsity match at MA, will take over our practice slot

Friday: Normal and fun practice (Starts at 5:15)

Let me know if there are any questions, Go Bears!

Team News

2 years ago @ 6:45PM

4/13 Match vs. Menlo

Players playing in match Wednesday against Menlo:

Rohan Chilukuri
Mason Lau
Ezra Mowbray
Mani Seghal 
Brian Hechimovich 
Michael Landolfi
Austin Muschott 
Gabe Schacter-Brodie
Miles Lucas
Parker Wall
Alex Takayama
Alex Oesterling 
Alex Yen
Noah Savelson 
Brett Levenson 
Andrew Yates
Kyle Kranen
Greg Pinto 
Peter Vitale
Let me know if there are any questions, Go Bears!
- Zach

Team News

2 years ago @ 2:44PM

Announcements for the week (Beginning March 28):

All right guys, big week this week:

1. Practice on each day (except Match day Wednesday) will start at 5:15, but since varisty team has away matches on Tuesday and Thursday, kids may come out early on those days to hit. But again, 5:15, each day, is when offical practice will start. 

2. Wendesday's match vs. Carlmont is away, at the school in San Carlos. Right now these are the kids who will be playing (and there's a possibility that more could be as well): Rohan, Will C, Chris F, Liam, Andrew G, Felix, Griffin K, Andrew Y, Daniel, AJ, Sam, Roan, Peter, Ezra, Will T, Alexander K, Steven, Brett, Antrul, Greg (Not in a particular order). 

3. Email or text with questions, thanks and Go Bears!

Team News

2 years ago @ 10:16AM

Practice/Match Schedule for week of 3/21

Two things:

1. Practice begins AFTER SCHOOL on MONDAY and THURSDAY of this week, due to Varsity team being on the road. Tuesday/Friday it is at 5:15, and Wednesday there is a JV match at MA vs. SHP

2. These are the 16 players who will play vs. SHP:

​Mason Lau, Kyle Kranen, Mani, Alex Kim, Brian and Michael, Miles Lucas, Parker Wall, Alex Oesterling, Alex Takayama, Juan Barraza, Greg Pinto, Griffin Kardos, Andrew Yates, Noah Savelson, and Alexander Yen. If any of you guys cannot play on Wednesday, please let me know so that I can allow someone else to play. Email or text me with questions! Thanks and go bears!

- Zach

Team News

2 years ago @ 2:38PM

New Practice Times

Just to confirm (since there is some confusion):

Thursday's March 17 practice starts right after school, and other than that every practice (until further notice) will be from 5:15 to 6:30, due to daylight savings

Team News

2 years ago @ 4:09PM

Picture Day March 8th

Guys, picture day is tomorrow at 3:00 at MA. I've excused all the players at 2:45, so that they can change and be ready for the photo. Please bring a white, maroon, or MA shirt, as uniforms are running a bit late. Thanks, and please email or text with any questions.
P.S. - Those kids who are playing in tomorrow's match (which is also on website, bears and search for JV tennis) will be leaving with parent drivers right after picture is done, other kids will be excused to go home. 
Coach Zach

Team News

2 years ago @ 2:20PM

Match Announcements/Roster

All right guys, one day away:

These are the 20 players we're bringing to Menlo School:

Mason, Steve, Felix, Liam, Austin, Gabe, Andrew, Will Colbert, Roan, Sam, Ezra, Chris, Mani, Peter, Griffin Kardos, Andrew, Brett, Rohan, Daniel, Will Tinsley

​All players playing in this match please try to come to the afterschool meeting at the courts, but if you can't, here's what to know:

1. You are excused at 2:30, so please be at courts with rackets, shoes, and tennis cloathing ready by 2:50!

2. Uniforms are not in yet, so if you are playing please wear a white or maroon shirt, or any MA shirt. Also have shorts or sweatpants (that match, cause lookin good is feelin good)

3. Remember if you aren't playing in this match, you will be playing in the next one, and many future ones as well! Thanks and Go Bears! Text or email with any questions (please don't call, I promise I'll respond)

Team News

2 years ago @ 10:05AM

Mandatory Meeting

Open Team,

Because of rain, it looks like practice for Monday may be canceled. Whether that is the case or not, I want to see everyone who can make it on Monday at the courts after school by 3:30, as I want to give you guys the necessary information before the match Tuesday. If you don't make it (and don't have a prior commitment), it will decrease your chances of playing in Tuesday's match. Thanks, and Go Bears!

Team News

2 years ago @ 1:45PM

MATCH March 8 AT Menlo School

All right guys, it's that time of year! Match #1 of the season is a week from today, March 8, against Menlo at Menlo School. More details to come in the coming days, including what time kids will get let out, which kids will come, and more. What I would ask is that, since this is an away match (yet very close and easy drive), I do need volunteer parents for drivers and snack. So if any parents can drive students on Tuesday afternoon to Menlo School (probably around 2:30), please let me know! I could really use the help, as I am the only coach and can't handle all of the kids alone! Thank you, and go Bears!


Team News

2 years ago @ 11:36AM

Practice for March 1

Remember guys,

Because of varsity match today at Carlmont, practice starts today at 3:30, going until about 5. Thanks!

Team News

2 years ago @ 11:16AM

Announcements for the week

Happy leap year open team,

A couple of things:

1. Our team matches will be starting in MID MARCH, so please (especially freshmen) get uniform order slips in by the end of this week! You won't be able to participate in matches until that is turned in.

2. There will be no official practice on Thursday or Friday of this week, as I am going with the varsity team to be an assistant coach for their Fresno tournament (in Fresno). So please try to make the other three practices this week, and feel free to go out and hit after school on Thursday and Friday, as the courts will be open

Let me know if you have more questions, go bears!

Team News

2 years ago @ 11:38AM

Practice for Thursday, 2/25

Open Team,

Our practice for Thursday will start at a slightly different time than normal, as soon as the Varsity team's match vs. Half Moon Bay is completed. I encourage as many people as possible to come out at 4:00 and watch the varsity team play beforehand, as it'll be entertaining and good to see what it takes to reach the next level (the varsity team), see you all then!

Team News

2 years ago @ 7:30PM

Website Finally A Go

Hello MA Open Team 2016 players and coaches, the website is officially up! I will soon have the entire match schedule and team roster posted here, and all news, updates, scores and announcements will be on this site as well! To celebrate the opening of the site, I'm letting everyone know that OFFICAL team practice is cancelled on Friday due to me being out of town for this weekend (one time thing). Players are still welcome to come out at 4:45 and play, as the courts will be free, but players must bring their own balls and no coaches will be present. Thanks, and go bears!
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